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CAFETOS DE SEGOVIA is your partner in finding the best Specialty Coffees of the Cordillera de Dipilto and Jalapa, the coveted highlands of Nueva Segovia.

CAFETOS DE SEGOVIA is a committed long-term partner of coffee producers in the region with whom we cooperate closely year-round.  We provide guidance to them with respect to state of the art farm management from planting to harvest, to assure an optimal maturation and harvest. This service becomes particularly important when you decide to build long-term relationships with a producer. Our services to producers also include dry mill processing, sales and export services.




For our customers, CAFETOS DE SEGOVIA’s services range from coffee selection, farm inspections, cupping, quality control to export logistics. We arrange farm visits and are generally happy to accompany you while in Nicaragua.  Once you have found the right coffee for your needs it is then our job to make sure the quality you expect arrives at your country port.  



CAFETOS DE SEGOVIA is up-to-date with international trends, with its team members present in the most renowned coffee conventions and events around the world.  Most questions you may have can likely be answered by one of our team members.  From agricultural engineering to multimedia, to international trade to coffee roasting, cupping and brewing, we are lucky to cover almost all relevant areas in the business. Today's messages are better transmitted through video and images, so what better way to give dynamism to your enterprise and products than letting the images speak for themselves.  

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